Beth Ostrander

Services Offered

Beth is offering couples coaching for those who may want a little extra guidance throughout the festival. Be intentional and design an amazing Festival experience together! This Coaching Add-on will allow you to be free to enjoy the festival because you have taken the time to be clear with yourself and each other. Examine your desires and your concerns, without risking judgement or upset. Create personal and partnership boundaries that will enhance your experience at the festival and beyond. Receive guidance and coaching to assist you along the way. Visit Beth online here.

Festival Rates: $200 for festival-long coaching for couples


Stephanie Lafazanos

Services Offered
Psycho-somatic-sexual healing sessions can consist of Yoni or Lingam massage, somatic therapies, energy healing, private tantra instruction. Through a mini Medical Intuitive consultation you and Stephanie will find the appropriate treatment! More information can be found on Stephanie's websites, Wildly Woman and Intune Holistics.

Festival Rates

One hour: $95
90 minutes: $125
Two hours: $155


Rovena Skye

Services Offered

Rovena Skye is a somatic sexologist, relationship coach, and Tantra instructor Rovena will be offering mind clearing sessions, as well as tantric and relationship coaching for individuals and couples. Rovena does not offer any body work. Learn more about her individual services here.

Festival Rates

90 minutes: $100


Phillipe Lewis

Services Offered

Phillipe is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Interchange Counseling Practitioner. He has been counseling, coaching and supporting men, women, and couples for over 15 years, and is offering sessions at the festival for men, women, and couples. Visit Phillipe's site for further information.

Festival Rates

One hour: $150
90 minutes: $200


Amanda Ings

Services Offered

Amanda provides safe, nurturing and expert counsel in understanding one’s self better and why one is operating the way they are: identifying any emotional, mental, psychological & spiritual blocks, limiting beliefs and underlying fears, and where one’s ego/identity is getting ‘caught’ or looping itself into repetitive patterns, thereby blocking the fluid flow of awareness and recognition of the consciousness always present. If applicable, she will give specific practices to help unblock stagnant energy and consciousness. ‘Treatments’ or given practices may include energy work, breath work, yoga/mindful meditative movement, yoga nidra, mantra, visualization, tantric meditation practices, Goddess work, embodiment practices, and 5 Elements tantric psychology. You can find out more about her offerings here.

Festival Rates

One hour: $60
90 minutes: $85
Two hours: $100


Naomi Prema Devi

During the festival, Naomi will be offering powerful integrative coaching. The coaching system she uses weaves cutting edge relationship technologies with ancient tantric teachings. Through this system you will be shown effective tools to transform your body, mind and emotions to liberate trauma, limiting beliefs and sexual blockages.This will empower you to come back into a place of sexual wholeness and unconditional love, so you can embrace healthy, evolved intimate relationships.

Festival Rates

One hour: $80