2018 Canadian Tantra Festival Workshops

50 Shades of Yes

Facilitator: Philippe Lewis

Consent is not about permission. Rather, it is about the ability of all present to connect and care for each other in order to create the trust necessary engage with everyone's sovereign YES. In this class, you'll learn to navigate the ever-fluctuating levels of comfort arising moment to moment as you engage with your feelings, your pace, your desires, and your boundaries. You'll learn how to make this happen with maximum pleasure and fun, and without fear and doubt. Consent, when done right, is the simplest thing in the world: it is about connection, trust, empathy and creativity.

Taoist Tantric Breathwork and the Microcosmic Orbit

Facilitator: Stephanie Lafazanos

Join us as we initiate each other into the world of Taoist sexual energy cultivation and circulation! We’ll be guided in solo qigong energy cultivation practices and partnered initiation of the Microcosmic Orbit. This workshop will Help us sense, fill up, and cultivate sexual energy,which is necessary for healing our sexual organs and moving sexual energy throughout the body. We'll also identify energy blockages and how to open these, as well as how to feel more magnetic and attractive. We'll also learn to increase our multi-orgasmic potential and awaken the sexual energy in others.

The Art and Practice of Nurturance (for men)

Facilitator: Phillippe Lewis

Too often, men are told in our culture that needs are a weakness. The truth is, needs are normal. Far from being signs of weakness, they are precisely how human beings bond. For many men, the first step is to recognize that needs, including their own that they may have sublimated because of patriarchy and sexism, exist to be met without shame. In this class, men will learn the baby steps to recognize theirs and others' needs. It will also develop emotional capacity, intelligence, and maturity through gentle practices such as holding,  attuning, responding, connection, support, compassion, and love.

Tao Tantra Circle (for women)

Facilitator: Stephanie Lafazanos

One important element in Taoist tantra for women is healing the split between sex and heart. In this workshop entitled Healing the Heart - Yoni Split with Sacred Feminine Tao Tantra Practices, we will share our healing intention and sexual “her-story”. We’ll learn practices that strengthen the heart-sex connection and produce healing effects around common sexual health and relationship issues, from feeling more orgasmic, to attracting a lover who honours our body AND heart, to repairing trauma stored in the body. Clothing is top-optional. Massage oil and jade eggs, if you have them, are welcome as well (jade eggs will be available for purchase).

Converting Religious Shame to Pleasure

Facilitator: Beth Ostrander

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about the possible imprints (often unconscious) that religion can leave on our sexuality.  For some, religious shame can affect your ability to experience sexual pleasure. If you feel inhibited in your sex life and that you're holding back your sexual desires, this workshop is for you. Attending this workshop will provide you with insight and awareness into religious shame and how its side effects show up in your life. You'll also have space to embrace both the positive and negative affects religion has had on your sex life. In the end, you'll have tools to discover what's holding you back, to create a deeper sexual journey, and to increase your sexual self expression.

Tantra and Money

Facilitator: Steven Seva

This workshop is about using the spiritual technology that is Tantra to help us have a healthier relationship with money. Our conditioning, pain, and neuro-chemicals tend to be what runs the show behind our desire or aversion for financial prosperity. How can we apply the Shiva consciousness component of Tantric teachings to money? How can we apply the Shakti energy based component of Tantric teachings to money? This workshop includes meditations, practices, and life skills that can all support having a healthy and deeply Tantric relationship with money.

Shiva - Shakti Ritual

Facilitator: Stephanie Lafazanos

In this workshop we will explore three core principles of Tantra through partner practice. 1: Everything is sacred, 2: Using polarity to attain unity, and 3: Transfiguration.  You must come to this workshop with a partner. Together you will experience:

  • Meditation on and energy exchange through the dominant energetic poles of the masculine and feminine
  • Transfiguring your partner as God / Goddess
  • Worshiping the masculine and feminine
  • Playing with the polarity of masculine and feminine 
  • Playing with masculine and feminine archetypes

As with the rest of the festival, same sex couples are welcome. Oh, and FYI, there WILL be dancing!

Discovering your Erotic Blueprint

Facilitator: Beth Ostrander

Discover your unique erotic wiring! In this workshop, you will learn concepts and tools to deepen intimacy, pleasure, connection, and add adventure into the bedroom through the five Erotic Blueprint Types, as well as the turn-ons and challenges for each type. You'll even discover your own type! Along the way, we'll explore the five stages of the Sex Life Journey, and why this journey matters. You will map out where you are on your journey and discover what could be next for you. In addition, you'll learn how to discover and play with your partner's Erotic Blueprint, and find out of how to naturally master the art of seductive communication. This workshop will include both an educational component, and a live demo teaching you how to somatically test ON THE BODY for what turns you on.

Tantra Yoga

Facilitator: Amanda Ings

This will be a fluid and spontaneous yoga-asana class, responsive to the co-arising and co-created energies of the Tantra Festival group. Expect a movement practice of depth, softness, stillness and embodied power. Your utmost presence and innermost connection with the Divine will be summoned through authentic embodiment. Classes may include any variation of postural yoga, pranayama, mudra, mantra, visualization, energy work, and working with the 5 elements & the chakras in the subtle body and organ body.

Shakti Flow Yoga

Facilitator: Naomi Prema Devi

Shakti presents life-force energy, that courses through everything in life and the universe. Once your shakti energy is awakened and your body open, you have potential to easily reach ecstatic states.

This activating yoga class is open to any level of experience and weaves Hatha Yoga asanas, intuitive body flow and innocent erotic energy to awaken your shakti lifeforce energy. This vibrant class will leave you feeling expansive, stretched and alive. 

Ecstatic Love Cacao Ceremony

Facilitator: Naomi Prema Devi

Join in this guided Cacao journey designed to weave together the aliveness of creative energy with the unconditional love of the heart, awakening an natural, ecstatic, blissful state. During this Sacred Journey we will drink Cacao (kawkaw), a plant medicine known for its power to relax the body, open the heart and allow for the energy to flow. The cacao medicine will be combined with breathwork, meditation, movement and tantric connection exercises, all designed to harmonize, balance and activate the infinite presence of love and ecstasy within your being. The space will be nurturing, sacred and  open to who feels the calling of the heart, whether  single, in relationship, a beginner or an expert. 

Sacred Shadows

Facilitator: Heidi Loeppky

In the tapestry of life, some threads appear beautiful, and others appear ugly.  Are there threads in your own personal tapestry that you find unacceptable?  Situations you wish were different? Traits you’re not proud of? The practice of non-dual Tantra is a long path of coming into reverence and awe for all that is – including the threads we label as “ugly”. This workshop begins with a blueprint for the journey through the 4 stages of consciousness on the path towards honoring the “ugly” parts of life. The second half of the workshop is a powerful partner ritual where you will honor aspects of each other’s’ shadows and bring the energy that was locked there out into the light, thereby becoming bigger, brighter and more effervescent.

Masculine/Feminine Healing Circle

Facilitator - Naomi Prema Devi

At this powerful time in history where many shadows are coming to light around the masculine and feminine, this workshop will enable you an opportunity to heal and clear the wounds you have had towards the opposite sex.  So often when we meet another we are not able to truly connect with them, because our wounds get in the way of the connection stopping us from being authentic and dropping into full presence and experiencing true love. This potent experiential workshop will take you on a journey from the shadows to the light, beginning with a healing process and ending with seeing the opposite sex in their unique expression and divine light.

Art of Playfully Pushing Edges

Facilitator: Phillippe Lewis

So you know how to do consent well. You're familiar with yes's, no's, and maybe's, and you can navigate them well and safely for yourself and others. What's next? This "advanced" consent class will take you to the edge of "yes" and back, while giving you all the tools necessary to be a sovereign "maybe" as you explore uncharted territories of pleasure, sensuality, and play. Why would anyone want to play so far on the edge? While some people prefer to play in their safe "yes" zone, others LOVE the mystery that comes with riding the edge of their feelings, pace, desires, and boundaries. You'll learn how to navigate this as well.

Attachment Theory in Relationships and Intimacy

Facilitator: Philippe Lewis

Ever been in relationship and noticed how you or your partner seemed to be following an emotional “script” or “dance” leading you down a path where triggers, difficulties, arguments, challenges, insecurities, and limitations got the best of you? You also likely have noticed that these patterns are more or less repeated for you and your partners. You may know that something is up but not quite WHY. Enter Attachment Theory, the remarkable view of relationships that seems explain almost EVERYTHING about how people can be secure or insecure in relationship. Recognizing and knowing how to work with people with various attachment styles is one of the single most useful skills you can have in life. Dive into this topic with Philippe!

Orgasmic Breath and Energy Play (Rovena)

Facilitator - Rovena Skye

This workshop with Rovena focuses on energetic orgasm - what it is, and isn't, how to get there, how to support your partner in getting there, and how to access it at any time. To access our sexual energy as a fuel for living, we need to become present in our bodies and in our sexuality. When we do, it becomes possible to use our sexual energy and our bodies as a spiritual platform. This workshop includes practices to help you experience this energetic magic. This is a clothing-optional workshop (underwear required) with a focus on individual practices and does not contain any sexual touch. There will be an option for partner work at the end. Creating a safe container for self-exploration is Rovena's priority. This will allow you to fully experience your own energy.

Introduction to Sanskrit: The Science of Mantra

Facilitator: Amanda Ings

Based in traditional Tantra, come to this workshop to unlock the powers of the ancient vibratory language of Sanskrit - meaning 'to be dorned', or, hat which is perfected. Receive practices tha ncrease your vitality, and connection to your life-forc. xperience an absorption into the primordial, life-giving energy of Shakti; the dynamic or Feminine spect of Consciousness that gives form, movement, life, shape, energy, POWER. This workshop is a collection of teachings on the science of mantra, as well as practices for healing the energy body, increasing one's ability to feel subtle energies, and channel Shakti for an energetic upgrade. Amanda will also cover the basics of Shiva-Shakti consciousness. 

The Flow of Amrita

Facilitator: Amanda Ings

The Flow of Amrita: Healing the Organ Body with the Immortal Nectar of the Divine is a blissfully experiential workshop grounded in traditional tantric practice and the 'rasa', or taste, of Love: a communication with the internal potency of non-duality. You will be guided through a tantric organ-healing meditation, bathed by the sensual aspects of Shiva & Shakti, expressed as Bhairava & Bhairavi, and receive an introduction into the importance of healing the organ body as a fundamental ground to build upon on one's journey to being able to hold higher states of Consciousness within the form. This is a practice to rejuvenate the body, bringing back vibrancy, vitality and healing into every level of the body, starting primarily with the physical body and the organs, but moving also into deeper levels of energetic and psychosomatic healing.